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Relevant Questions From a NRI

For our NRI clients we have a hotline number which can be reached 24x7 irrespective of your current location. The number is 1800-120-2016. You can also contact us through email at We have put together the list of most relevant questions from a NRI/PIO's perspective

Who is classified as a NRI?
Who is classified as a PIO?
Does NRI/PIO require permission of The Reserve Bank to acquire residential/ commercial property in India?
How many residential / commercial properties can NRI / PIO purchase under the general permission?
Do any documents need to be filed with Reserve Bank of India after purchase?
Whether immovable property in India can be acquired by way of gift?
Can NRI / PIO rent out the residential / commercial property purchased out of foreign exchange / rupee funds?
Whether a non-resident can inherit immovable property in India?


Property Purchase/Sale
Who can purchase immovable property in India?
Whether NRI/PIO can acquire agricultural land/ plantation property / farm house in India?
How many residential / commercial properties can NRI / PIO purchase under the general permission?
Can a foreign national of non-Indian origin be a second holder to immovable property purchased by NRI / PIO?

Mode of payment for purchase/loan

How can an NRI / PIO make payment for purchase of residential / commercial property in India?
Can NRI / PIO avail of loan from an authorised dealer for acquiring flat / house in India for his own residential use against the security of funds held in his NRE Fixed Deposit account / FCNR (B) account?
Such loans can be repaid

Property Sale

Can an NRI/ PIO/foreign national sell his residential / commercial property?
Can an agricultural land / plantation property / farm house in India owned / held by a non-resident be sold?
Can a non-resident gift his residential / commercial property?


Property acquired of foreign Exchange source
Property acquired out of Rupee source
Repatriation of rental income